Tour operators are the main users for Charter flights. The client decides the route and the schedule and Just-Us Air operates the aircraft on “all inclusive” basis for a fixed fee. Individuals can also charter an aircraft to fulfill their own personal leisure or business transportation needs. Just-Us Air strive to offer an above expectations customer service and counts on professional personnel to do so. The team works very hard around the clock to make every single mission a success.


Just-Us Air offers to its customer aircraft including crew, maintenance and insurance. The aircraft can be deployed with short notice (24 hours) to cover short or medium-term transportation needs. All direct operating costs, such as fuel, catering, airport fees, handling and navigation fees are being paid directly by the client to the service providers. The flight is operated under the customer flight number. A traditional airline sells tickets to its passengers – that is not the case of Just-Us Air, that works on a Business to Business model, but Just-Us Air sells instead flight hours to the other airlines


Wet lease is a very useful tool for airlines from all over the world, helping them cope with short/medium term or seasonal capacity needs, where adding a full-time additional aircraft is neither possible nor efficient. There are several types of airlines: full service carriers, low cost carriers, hybrid carriers and charter carriers. Each airline has its own service level and require different types of seating arrangements, ranging from high comfort to high density interiors. To serve this large clientele, Just-Us Air offers you the possibility to customize the service level, catering standards, amenities and even the livery of the aircraft.